Sunday, 1 February 2009

What's your way of life (life philosophy)

I always think of how certain people are able to climb high in the ladder of prosperity... i usually ask myself these questions

is it favour? 
is it meant to be?  
is it faith or are they just born with a silver spoon.

Well ask around, society will tell u to ignore all that educated, get a job, house, married and that's it.

but really, i look at certain individuals who have climbed high in certain fields and sectors in our 
environment, economy especially in the corporate level.They mostly had a set of rules and principles which they followed 
and built their life's foundation on and lived by as a way of life .....

Larry Page of google had a set of principles which the company would operate. One
of them being 'It's best to do one thing really, really well'

THINK BIG, Dr Ben Carson's formula for personal success

Richard Branson philosophy, try new things, branch out, 
and when you can’t find success with one venture, you simply move on to the next.

Now i ask myself...What's my way of life....can u ask that question and actually properly answer it?
I can actually answer the question.... for me Christianity is my way of life,i apply it principles
in my daily life and sometimes search to find answers that I or anyone can seem to find ask yourself What is my way of life...... take a look at life as if it is a picture and u are behind
it, then ask yourself will my way of life take me to where I'm supposed to be, would I become the successful person 
i have been working hard to be......... Food for thought....


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the comments...
woooah... This right here is one of life's most difficult, yet most simple question!!!

For me, my way of life is God's word, to follow his will, the one he designed specifically for me.

Now will this principles and guidelines get to where I need to be? Yup, it sure will, but the key is in me taking time to read, listen to and understand the directions of these guidelines and roadmap, and then make a decision to walk down that road... lol.. okay not so simple after all.. but By God's grace.. it is possible..

This got me thinking of something to post...
Thanks for sharing..
Have a great week ahead

yankeenaijababe said...

Life is what one makes of it, everyone is life has their own philosophy, some is luck, some is faith in God, while others is being strong and playing the hardworking game. I believe in Christianity, work hard and play the game of strength. I believe everyone in this life is running their own race. Hopefully we all learn the truth in ourselves when we discover life process the hard way.

Debbie said...

Nice post. Got me thinking, but its a no brainer my way of Life is God's way, God's word. applying it to daily life will guarantee anyone success at any level.
Thanks for visiting my page.

BigPrince said...

Well written, food for thought, whats my way of life?

jhazmyn said...

My way of life...simple...take it one day at a time and live it by guidance, direction, discipline and unwavering obedience(as much as i allow grace work in me), but most importantly...enjoying it every step of the way, whatever it brings. Its God's way or no way...good food for thought

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