Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Been a while

I have been so busy, although i have written so many things for blaq and bold i just haven't got the
time to edit and refine.I have been working on a project and that has really taken most of my time.
But there are quite a lot of things i want to share with my fellow bloggers, these few weeks i have encountered certain challenges which has opened my eyes and raises certain questions ,it has just been a battle of the mind, All i ask for is strength from above.
I also hooked up with an old pal of mine and we talk about so many things but one thing that i notice with him that he was very lonely and i dug deeper ....well i have to go now guys but keep checking this space, Am sharing my thoughts soon.....

Monday, 16 February 2009

Love Weekend

I'm not very much of a poet, but as the love weekend passed by, I had to show the love of my life some extra love. Now this was hard as valentine is a symbol of LOVE, not just to your partner, wife, family or people close to you but also its showing some love to anybody anywhere, who needs some.......

ok I have to slow down in my thoughts now cos i promised to dedicate a post to my lady, my queen, my reason for reasons....

ok i have to slow down i was saying i needed to show her extra love... so i wrote her a little piece straight from my heart after listening to India arie testimony vol 2 : love and politics


I will to picked you up and wrapped you in a warm blanket of love

I will hold you and dust off webs of hurts inside

I will gave you warmth, let me shelter you even if its in a box

A home where love abides.

let me stand by your side where there was darkness,

Lets find the light together and make the light-world shine on us

In the place where love abides,

I will shower you with kisses, see through my eyes and heart

Lets love again,chasing away the darkness with our unconditional love.

In the place where love abides.

Happy valentine


So did you do sumthing ,not just extra but extra special, for HIM or HER?

Sunday, 1 February 2009

What's your way of life (life philosophy)

I always think of how certain people are able to climb high in the ladder of prosperity... i usually ask myself these questions

is it favour? 
is it meant to be?  
is it faith or are they just born with a silver spoon.

Well ask around, society will tell u to ignore all that educated, get a job, house, married and that's it.

but really, i look at certain individuals who have climbed high in certain fields and sectors in our 
environment, economy especially in the corporate level.They mostly had a set of rules and principles which they followed 
and built their life's foundation on and lived by as a way of life .....

Larry Page of google had a set of principles which the company would operate. One
of them being 'It's best to do one thing really, really well'

THINK BIG, Dr Ben Carson's formula for personal success

Richard Branson philosophy, try new things, branch out, 
and when you can’t find success with one venture, you simply move on to the next.

Now i ask myself...What's my way of life....can u ask that question and actually properly answer it?
I can actually answer the question.... for me Christianity is my way of life,i apply it principles
in my daily life and sometimes search to find answers that I or anyone can seem to find ask yourself What is my way of life...... take a look at life as if it is a picture and u are behind
it, then ask yourself will my way of life take me to where I'm supposed to be, would I become the successful person 
i have been working hard to be......... Food for thought....

Friday, 30 January 2009

First Post

My first post,well what can i say it been awhile i have done this, sharing my thoughts and daily encounters
in my life as the days go by, but before i start i will like to introduce myself and just give you a little info.
Born and Breed in lagos, went to one of the greatest university in nigeria ..University of lagos.....
now i live in the uk, work as 
a technical consultant in a consultancy firm and about concluding my masters degreee....thats me in a flash.

But as we all know,where we are right now are things we come across daily and desicions we've made in the past ....that has affected our future, wish i could share the wonderful and maybe not very good stuffs of the past but as my blood say 'Past is past'. so if i should share some experince i gues this wouldnt be a blog any more.....

But my aim is take my daily real life experinces, thoughts and achievements be it small or big ,post it and make sure,it something that can affect, change or at least provide a school of thought for someone out there. 

well i guess thats all for is beautiful, live it, be it enjoy it,....IT'S YOURS....