Monday, 16 February 2009

Love Weekend

I'm not very much of a poet, but as the love weekend passed by, I had to show the love of my life some extra love. Now this was hard as valentine is a symbol of LOVE, not just to your partner, wife, family or people close to you but also its showing some love to anybody anywhere, who needs some.......

ok I have to slow down in my thoughts now cos i promised to dedicate a post to my lady, my queen, my reason for reasons....

ok i have to slow down i was saying i needed to show her extra love... so i wrote her a little piece straight from my heart after listening to India arie testimony vol 2 : love and politics


I will to picked you up and wrapped you in a warm blanket of love

I will hold you and dust off webs of hurts inside

I will gave you warmth, let me shelter you even if its in a box

A home where love abides.

let me stand by your side where there was darkness,

Lets find the light together and make the light-world shine on us

In the place where love abides,

I will shower you with kisses, see through my eyes and heart

Lets love again,chasing away the darkness with our unconditional love.

In the place where love abides.

Happy valentine


So did you do sumthing ,not just extra but extra special, for HIM or HER?


Remi, United Kingdom said...

:-))) Nice... Indi Arie --- I love her. She is a fountain of inspiration! :-)

You say you are not much of a poet, but I like the lines "Lets find the light together and make the light world shine on us, In the place where love abides"

Pretty cool... :-) thanks for visiting my page... have a great week ahead..

Remi, United Kingdom said...

And oh... welcome to blogsville :-)))

SaltLight said...

Beautiful words.. She's very lucky to have you...

Paul Iseg said...

@remi, thanks but trust me am not much of a poet, it just my thots and emotions in words

@saltlight, u no serious u know, hiding behind ur blog...:)

BigPrince said...

@Saltlight: she must really be very lucky to have him :-D.

Debbie said...

Beautiful, simply beautiful.
I love the poem.

Ayodele Alofe said...

Hi and thanks for stopping by my blog. I am glad to see the notes 'worked like magic' for you too. Do send me an email sometime, I want to make a suggestion.

Oh and welcome to blogville

jhazmyn said...

Hey, totally luv d poem, simple yet it captures your thoughts and the feelings of your heart...what makes it even more appreciated is the fact that u say ur not the poetic type, guess having her love brings out the poet in you...

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